What Parents Say About Us

"I can't quite believe that Max is in his 2nd year of Children's Music Academy after school club but his love of music has grown so much over that time.  

I find Max humming to himself regularly, using pencils to beat out a rhythm and was even quite happy to listen to Classic FM the other day as he recognised a song he had heard on your course and could even tell me the instruments that were playing... not that i knew always to disagree!

The course has given Max a solid, well rounded foundation to music,  Max currently comes out of lessons excited and singing as he is really enjoying the band you created where he gets to perform individually and as a group.

Your Course has encouraged Max to learn about music in a fun and positive and non pressurised environment and with him starting piano lessons at school shortly I know his love of music will only grow.

Thankyou for introducing the joy of music to Max, something I know he will treasure all his life."

"Niamh has absolutely loved her Thursday afternoons in the music academy.  She has learned so much and it has been lovely to watch her play the recorder.  Niamh also plays the piano and the music theory has helped her greatly"

"Nicole found it to be fun, I was was pleased at how keen she was to practice at home and found the book really useful"

"Sarah has attended CMA for two years and has enjoyed the classes thoroughly.  She has been introduced to a variety of instruments and composers and as a result she has fostered a love of music.  The teaching is fantastic - enjoyable and varied in the type of activities offered. Thanks to Karen and her team Sarah is ready to take her musical education to the next level."

"Pearse had a great time at Music Academy.  It has helped to develop a love of music and he wants to continue to learn an instrument.  This experience was very positive and he always felt encouraged."

"I am confident that music academy not only nurtures a lifelong love of music but also learning and boosting a child's self esteem and firing their imagination and creativity.  I really can't praise the staff and the programme highly enough.

"It has been a fantastic experience for my son.  I believe all children should have the opportunity to access such a wonderful experience.  Making CMA an internal part of the primary school curriculum would be a means to do so."

"Both our children thoroughly enjoy the CMA.  They were very relieved at the end of their first term to learn that they were enrolled for the year!  They feel very comfortable with the staff and are full of chat about what they have learned after the class.  They talk about different instruments, notes and composers and discuss it with confidence. A very positive experience."

"Rhea has enjoyed the music academy she particularly liked playing games and learning songs.  I have been impressed by what they have learned during the term. I will definitely be interested in signing her up for another term"

"Madison has thoroughly enjoyed music and since starting has shown a wonderful interest in music, instruments and who singers are etc.  Overall it has been excellent."

"Zakk has thoroughly enjoyed his CMA classes.  They are fun and enjoyable, Zakk hasn't realised he is learning!! 

" We were kept informed with all the relevant information.  Good resources and clearly and enjoyable atmosphere for learning.  The children love their time at music class and look forward to it.

" Lily loved this after schools class.  She enjoyed learning note music and the recorder.  Lily loved making up her own compositions.  As a parent I have found the written feedback at the end of each term very interesting."

"Shay is really enjoying CMA and we hope that he and his brother can both attend CMA sessions in the future.  Shay looks forward to Wednesday afternoons and always comes out with a big smile on his face.  

"Zachary seems to be really enjoying his experience at CMA.  He particularly loves to get hands on with the instruments, he's quite artistic and this is a great way to channel his creativity.  A definite highlight was the trip to the Ulster Hall, he had a great time.

"We've had a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding time with Karen and her team.  Their kind and caring nature brings out the best in the students.  It gives them a really positive, essential first taste in music."

"Kate has really enjoyed all the activities throughout the children's music academy.  I am very impressed by all the topics covered in the programme and the way they are presented to the children are fun filled and interactive.  It has definitely sparked a strong interest in music as Kate just loves it.

"It has been an absolute pleasure to have had two years experience of CMA.  The staff are extremely enthusiastic, friendly and approachable.  Our daughter has had a fantastic experience and has become very interested in not only developing her recorder skills but also in reading notes and finding out about composers.  The classes were always fun and interesting and a wonderful extra curricular activity which enhanced Aoife's experience of St Brides.

"Ishika loved learning to play the tunes on the recorder and it has been a great help to her to learn the flute.  She has a good understanding about the orchestra and the different instruments that are part of it."

"Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the wonderful time Iseult has spent at your classes.  She has thoroughly enjoyed every class, and has learned so much( and is so proud of her recorder playing - as am I) which is thanks to your genuine enthusiasm for music and teaching."

"Adam really enjoys the CMA.  He liked making up his own music. The workshops with the Ulster Orchestra were very good.  Very happy with the CMA.

"Tadhg has really enjoyed his year so far.  I had hoped CMA would give him the enthusiasm to take up a musical instrument which it appears to have done.  A good foundation and a good way to broaden his circle of friends.  He has loved it all. Long may it continue."

"Maia loves the class and since starting has shown a real interest in music! She's super excited every Wednesday morning.  Often takes the recorder out to practice of her own accord."

"Ethan loves it and always says so!  I love that he learns more than just how to play the recorder"

"Felix enjoyed the songs and games. A 'gentle', fun introduction to music"

"Eimear loves it and I like the way they're encouraged to listen to a wide range of music and imagine what it's about, she loves it and plays her recorder non stop"

"CMA offers a great foundation in music, Lyla thoroughly enjoys every session. Overall, it gives a good introduction to music and is enjoyable for kids"

" Hannah tells us she really enjoys the class and is enjoying music within the home. She has started making up songs and lyrics"

"Lily has really enjoyed it and enjoys the diversity- the range of singing, theory, history of music and recorder provides great variety."

"My son has really enjoyed the lessons he especially loved learning about the music from Pirates of The Caribbean"

"My two children have enjoyed the benefits of CMA and love it!  Rory has always enjoyed CMA as it is taught in a fun way"

" I would recommend CMA to friends and family as the children enjoy the class, it has a relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff"

"Annabel always appears to enjoy her music class every week.  I have noticed a definite progression in her ability to play.  Her ear for music has developed as she has managed somehow to pick out her 'Jingle Bells' music on a toy keyboard!  I particularly enjoy the reports at the end of each term."

"Eva is really enjoying the CMA - pleased to see the level of the work at the end of the term."

" Eoin has really enjoyed the CMA and is very keen to attend term 3. It seems to be very well organised and thought out as he can play the recorder very well."

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